SELECTED WORKS for radio, television, film and the web

DRUMMERS' DREAMS (2015) radio-short produced and composed by Marcio Doctor

THE LAST CLINIC (2014) by Maisie Crow, additional music on soundtrack for the film trailer (USA)
 - nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy.

L 'EMPEREUR DE PARIS (2013) by Lars Henkel, soundtrack for the book-trailer for Editions Alto (Canada)

AUSGEDIENT (2013) by Michael Richter, original score and sound design for the documentary film
- nominated for the “Prix Europa“ 2014 and for the “Peace Film Award“ of at the Osnabrück Film Festival.

OTRO PAÍS (2013) by Camila Segura and Daniel Alarcón, soundtrack for an episode of “Radio Ambulante“ (USA)

NORWEGENS STUNDE NULL (2012) by Hannelore Hippe, soundtrack for the ARD radio feature

DER PREIS DER BANANEN (2012) by Michael Richter, NDR TV-documentary co-composed with Edward Harris

INCUBO (2012) by Ari Zehnder, soundtrack for the fiction short (Switzerland)

DIE NEUEN VEGETARIER (2012) by Michael Richter, ARTE TV-documentary co-composed with Edward Harris

MICROFORMAS (2011) by Marcio Doctor, for Morfología Wainhaus, FADU (Argentina)

HOW TO RAISE THE MOON (2011) by Anja Struck, score and sound design for the stop-motion animation film
(1st Prize of the NRW Competition at the “International Short Film Festival“ in Oberhausen).

WIR WIRTSCHAFTSWUNDERKINDER (2009) by Ulrike Toma, score for the NDR radio feature & audiobook by Rainer Moritz

STRANDBEESTEN (2007) by Alexander Schlichter, soundtrack for the documentary film

DIE ANDERE GESCHICHTE (2007) by Hartwig Tegeler, soundtrack for the NDR radio feature by Anne Ameri-Siemmens

TRÄUME - TRAUM Nr.4 (2007) by Sven Stricker, soundtrack for the radio play and audiobook by Günter Eich

IDYLLEN (2005) by Marcio Doctor, Soundtrack for the theater performance by “Meine Damen und Herren”

RESTLESS WORLD (2000) by Marcio Doctor, music for wind instruments and percussion

WILDLIFE (1999) by Marcio Doctor, percussion compositions for film for Selected Sound