“Marcio Doctor is the rare percussionist who can truly add to any musical experience or style. He is 100% reliable, both as a professional and in the playing choices he makes. He knows how to present musically-challenging ideas while keeping the rhythm feel comfortable. In short, I am always 100% happy when I know that I will be playing with him. Marcio’s the best.”
                                                                                                                                 Peter Erskine


“Percussionist par excellence.

    Drums & Percussion Magazine (Germany)

“An aesthete of sound from Argentina.

    Sticks Magazine (Germany)

“Percussionist Marcio Doctor is reavealed as a star.

    The independent (UK)

“Percussion Wizard.

    Hamburger Abendblatt (Germany)

The music takes another break in the action to allow the creativity of percussionist Marcio Doctor to shine.

    Huffington Post (US)

“The beauty flourishes here unexpectedly on repeated listening. Gorgeous!”

    JazzThetik Magazine (Germany)

“Top percussionist Marcio Doctor… with a highly original approach to rhythm.

    The Guardian (UK)

“Marcio Doctor is once again a Grenzgänger that forges his own path through drumming.”

    Lüneburger Zeitung (Germany)

“A bold brave work from a musician who knows how to create atmosphere.

    Echoes Magazine (UK)


“Doctor has penned a majestic set of compositions, hard-nosed and dangerous.

“Intense and atmospheric stuff.

“Special credit must be given to Marcio Doctor for his variety of percussive flavours.

A charismatic session filled with valuable information form a true master on the instrument.

    Percuaction - Global Percussion Network